Will the bitcoin price continue to rise?

What’s next for the Bitcoin price?

Bitcoin has set new price records in recent weeks and then plummeted noticeably. Therefore, many investors are asking themselves the question of how the Bitcoin price will continue – will it go up again or further into the price basement?

Opinions on the question of the Bitcoin Hero price differ. There are two views opposing each other as „bulls“ and „bears“.

The Bitcoin bulls

Thus, the positive-minded, „bullish“ view assumes that the Bitcoin price is only „breathing through“ in chart terms. Setbacks are healthy (from a stock market perspective) to shake out weak hands and ensure that short-term speculators and nervous small investors leave the market. The move shown now is typical for Bitcoin, he said, and shows consolidation for new highs.

The Bitcoin Bears

The „bearish“ view is of a different opinion. Bitcoin is showing a „head-and-shoulders“ pattern chart-wise, which is a sign of further falling prices. Moreover, Bitcoin’s soaring price has reawakened public interest. This also calls government regulators to the scene, who would soon intervene.

Who knows where the Bitcoin journey will go?

Both sides have arguments that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

The bears rightly point out that the states certainly have little interest in a parallel currency. This is especially true in view of all the new money in the market, which will probably lead to inflation of the fiat currencies at least in the medium term. A flight to alternative cryptocurrencies will not be welcomed by the states and they might intervene. Another reason could be the protection of the planned state cryptocurrencies.

For example, the president of the European Central Bank currently said in an interview:

[Bitcoin] is a highly speculative asset that has made some dubious deals possible, as well as some (…) very reprehensible money laundering activities.

On the other hand, more and more big companies are discovering cryptocurrencies for themselves. Considering their powerful lobby in the US and Europe, these companies will certainly not let it happen so easily that their investments are wiped out by laws. In addition, it is likely that some politicians have invested in cryptocurrencies or are using them to finance their election campaigns and are therefore unlikely to support a ban on them.

In general, the rhetoric against Bitcoin is nothing new and part of the usual „saber rattling“ against change. In addition, there are the technical difficulties of banning a decentralized asset that can easily be evaded. In this respect, an indirect approach such as taxation or stricter regulation of crypto exchanges would be more likely in the event.

Majority of holdings in XRP and XLM sold off

Grayscale: Majority of holdings in XRP and XLM sold off

The digital asset manager has sold a large portion of its holdings in the two coins.

Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital asset manager, has reportedly sold off a significant portion of its holdings in XRP and XLM.

Data from Bybt, a cryptocurrency futures trading platform, shows that Grayscale’s XRP holdings fell by more than 9.18 million on 29 December. This brings the total value of Immediate Bitcoin the position to just 26.45 million XRP. At the time of going to press, these have a value of $5.77 million.

On the same day, Grayscale reportedly sold over 9.74 million Stellar Lumens (XLM), bringing its holdings to 9.19 million XLM, or US$1.27 million at present.

Grayscale’s assets under management currently stand at US$19.26 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) accounts for 87 percent of the total.

Grayscale sold the XRP shortly after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs. The news triggered a wave of denotations on major exchanges, including Coinbase and Bittrex. The XRP price plummeted 60 percent as a result.

Ripple has promised to defend itself against the SEC’s allegations and has called on market participants not to consider XRP a security until they hear its side of the story.

With all the regulatory attention surrounding Ripple, it’s probably easy to understand why Grayscale is distancing itself from the cryptocurrency. However, it is not entirely clear why the fund manager has also reduced his XLM holdings at the same time.

This could be a temporary reallocation, as recent data shows. Grayscale actually increased its position in XRP and XLM after their recent price drops.

Stellar was co-founded by Jed McCaleb, a software developer who was part of the founding team of Ripple. He left the project in 2014. As of 9 December, McCaleb’s public XRP wallet still held over 251 million XRP. He is said to have sold hundreds of millions of US dollars worth of XRP since the beginning of 2016.

Grayscale and Stellar have not yet responded to Cointelegraph’s requests for comment.

O preço Bitcoin Cash ultrapassa $ 500, o que vem por aí para o BCH?

Espera-se que o preço à vista do Bitcoin suba acima do nível de $ 550.

Fecha o suporte está no nível de $ 500

O BCH enfrenta resistência ao fechar acima do nível de $ 525.

O preço Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) parece ter encontrado um forte nível de suporte para iniciar uma tendência de alta. Hoje, o preço ultrapassou o nível de $ 500 hoje e subiu para o nível de $ 510, onde está atualmente.

O sentimento mais amplo do mercado de criptomoedas permanece otimista, mas alguns ativos viram seus preços observando uma ligeira retração em relação ao preço de abertura do dia.

O Bitcoin Cash começou o ano com pouco ou nenhum impulso de ambos os lados, já que o preço se consolidou no nível de $ 350. O preço continuou a oscilar em torno da marca por alguns dias até 3 de janeiro, quando o preço Bitcoin Pro ultrapassou a marca de $ 375.

Os compradores iniciaram uma alta que elevou o preço da marca de $ 350 para o nível de $ 425. O BCH observou uma correção no nível que fez com que o preço caísse novamente para o nível de $ 400. O preço iniciou outra alta em 5 de janeiro, embora com um gradiente mais baixo.

A segunda alta permitiu ao BCH sair do nível de $ 400 e subir acima do nível de $ 450. No entanto, o preço falhou no fechamento acima da marca de $ 450 e voltou ao nível de suporte de $ 425. O preço foi negociado perto da marca até hoje, quando os mercados do BCH finalmente observaram um forte impulso de alta mais uma vez.

O BCH subiu do nível de $ 425 para acima do nível de $ 500 com forte dinâmica de alta. O preço subiu acima da marca de $ 520 e é negociado a $ 523,44 até o momento.

Indicadores técnicos e o que esperar do preço Bitcoin Cash

Entre os indicadores técnicos, o MACD mostra uma reversão de alta, com a MME de 12 dias subindo acima da MME de 26 dias. Com os tamanhos crescentes das velas verdes, o indicador continuará a ficar mais otimista. O indicador atualmente mostra um momentum de alta nos mercados.

O RSI tem apresentado um aumento constante e subiu acima do nível 70,00. Isso sugere que há pouco espaço para um movimento ascendente imediato. Se o BCH continuar a subir neste ritmo, o preço Bitcoin Cash pode observar outra correção.

No geral, 18 dos 28 principais indicadores técnicos emitem um sinal de compra, enquanto apenas três indicadores emitem um sinal de venda. Enquanto isso, sete indicadores permanecem neutros, não mostrando suporte para nenhum dos lados.

As bandas de Bollinger estão atualmente se expandindo, sugerindo um aumento na volatilidade do preço Bitcoin Cash no curto prazo.

Os comerciantes devem esperar que o preço à vista do Bitcoin estabeleça suporte no nível psicológico de $ 500. A expectativa é de que o BCH continue subindo, mas em ritmo mais lento e sustentável. O BCH pode subir acima do nível de $ 525 no início de amanhã.